Software Product List

We provide massive range of software solution as per Customer’s specification & requirements. We believe in optimum quality with best performance. We care for customers business solutions.

Software Products that we provide

Customized ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Admin and CRM Module

Sales and Sales-Return Module

Purchase and Purchase-Return Module

HR and Payroll Module

Accounting and Finance Module

Payroll Management Application (Salary Slip)

Salaries slip for the employee who is working in that firm.

Online E-Flat and E-Site Management Software

In this we have provide all details including materials used to construct; also provided video photos of the site area.

Visitor Gate- Pass Management Software

It maintains the details of the visitors, contractors and other members who was come to meet the company employee.

Jewelers Shop Management Software

It maintaining the details of product at the time of sales, purchase and stock. Also keep records of Bishi and Kalam details.

Small Business Supervisor’s Daily Wages Inventory Software (In Marathi)

To help you order just enough products so you won’t have a shortage or overstock.

Inventory sales & Purchase Application (Logistics)

Inventory management involves a lot of juggling. Business owners have to constantly keep track of how much inventory they have on hand, how much they are going to need and how long it will take to receive new inventory.

Banking & Accounting Related Application

It is the application for banking sector and accounting in bank.

Time Attendance Management Software

Link time tracking and attendance planning to business analytics and strategic goals.

MLM Software (Multi Level Marketing)

In a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, membership and compensation information can be complicated and almost endless.

Online Ticket Booking for Movie Theater

Get the best seats in the cinema from the comfort of your homes! Just log on to site and use your credit card to book tickets.

Tours & Travels Management

They are responsible for ensuring travel arrangements for holidaymakers travelling by coach, although on specialist tours travel.

Time –Table Management Software

Timetable Management System is a software product for automatic allocation of timetable for schools (currently). It will support school management to standardize their education administrative functions.

Online Attendance Management Software (Roll - Call)

Efficacy online Attendance software time and attendance management module provides all the tools your time keeping and personnel department needs to manage.

School Management Software

Say goodbye to the paperwork involved in school management and fast school management software with great use of technology.

Retail Management Software

Retail management systems with dedicated multi-channel retail software will help increase enterprise-wide business performance and management.

Online Book Shop

The act of purchasing products or services over the Internet.

Dairy Management Software

It is designed as a practical tool to aid both operation and management aspects of the dairy herd, Milk Production Forecast etc.

Software for Water Supply Department (In Marathi)

The legislature has adopted programs to protect our water resources and regulate their use to ensure.

Library Management Software

Library Management Software is capable to manage all the functionalities of a library. It is suitable for small to big libraries viz. Large Universities & Engineering, colleges, school etc.

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